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Explosion Green tells the twenty-year story of the global green building movement, through the eyes of David Gottfried, the man who helped start it all. Explosion Green reveals the inner workings of the building industry as it comes to grips with the imperative for environmentally friendly practices. It describes how the industry has evolved, and how this evolution has helped fight climate change and prevent further damage to the environment while creating a multibillion-dollar industry. Filled with his unique insight and self-deprecating humor, Gottfried’s riveting memoir demonstrates how one person can start a global movement.



“David Gottfried is the father of the green movement. This book is a must read for any serious student of how to design new systems and green building.”

-Art Gensler


“This is a story about an idea. An idea that became an organization. An organization that anchored a movement. A movement that is changing the world. David and his relentless pursuit of the possible helped invent the spark and carry the torch for this revolutionary idea that led us to start the USGBC and later the WorldGBC.”

-Rick Fedrizzi


“No organization has had a bigger impact on the environment than [the USGBC]. In sharing himself and the fabric of a life well directed, we can find ourselves and know that little or nothing exceeds our grasp if we love the world as well as David has.”

-Paul Hawken